Reservations With Agency GFE

To make a reservation you are asked to use our online reservations form below. Here, details to facilitate your booking will be collected securely.

Agency GFE are a niche agency and we do not have a “booking phone line” for you to use -we are not a quick fix agency. Once a Client has opened a booking with us, our number will be released.

Once we have received your details, your reservation will be made and we will then contact you with confirmation. We will also provide details of your reservation fee that will need to be paid in order to “secure” the appointment.

Until the fee is paid and has cleared in our business account, your reservation is NOT secure. Please make the payment upon receipt of your confirmation email.

The remainder of the fee is to be paid directly to your chosen model escort within the first ten minutes of meeting. This payment will be checked as company policy, so please don’t be offended. (We all make mistakes and if there is a discrepancy, it can easily be resolved before the date begins.)

We ask that you contact us on the day of your appointment via the telephone number provided, in order to confirm you are still happy to go ahead with your reservation.

Please bare in mind that all reservations require a minimum of 48 hours notice at the very least, but the more notice you can provide the better. We are a “long stay” orientated escort agency and it’s important to consider the schedules of our elite models. 

Thank You for taking the time to read about our reservations process!

RatesRates are NOT inclusive of travel costs and other expenses. If you would like to view Agency GFE rates before proceeding, please click here

For overnight reservations or reservations that include overnight periods, models must be given the opportunity to have at least 7 hours sleep.

Models working with us are very much accustomed to a certain level of luxury and expect only the very best from time spent with our valuable clients. This should and will be a mutual arrangement!

If you have any queries regarding a reservation or a payment, please email We will be happy to assist you and enable you to proceed with a reservation as quickly and efficiently as possible.


Bespoke Services

For reservations that require European or International travel, please contact us with your bespoke requirements via

Agency GFE | Reservations Form






Complying with GDPR laws, it is important that we tell you how your data will be used once we have received your email. Data contained in your email is kept discreet and secure at all times. We will only use it to contact you regarding your enquiry, upon completion of this your data and emails are deleted. 

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