To make a reservation you are asked to use our online reservations form, where details to facilitate your booking will be collected securely. Agency GFE are a niche agency and we do not have a “booking phone line” for you to use -we are not a quick fix agency. Once a Client has opened a booking with us, our number will be released.

Please bare in mind that all reservations require a minimum of 48 hours notice at the very least, but the more notice you can provide the better. We are a “long stay” orientated escort agency and it’s important to consider the schedules of our elite models.

Please find below contact emails. All accounts are monitered daily and we aim to respond to any enquiries within 24 hours. Obviously this is not always possible due to the number and the nature of the emails we receive. Rest assured, you will not be ignored forever! We value each and everyone of you that expresses an interest in our exclusive service, so you will hear from us just as soon as possible.

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If you are a Model who is considering work representing our agency, please read the details on our casting page before submitting your application. We do operate an extremely strict criteria, so bare this in mind if you are about to take the plunge!

For a quick message option, please use the form below. Your opinions,complements and concerns are important to us and in receiving them, Agency GFE can continue in providing the ultimate service.

*Please do not use this form to request a reservation! Thank You.




Complying with GDPR laws, it is important that we tell you how your data will be used once we have received your email. Data contained in your email is kept discreet and secure at all times. We will only use it to contact you regarding your enquiry, upon completion of this your data and emails are deleted. 

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