Agency GFE is now casting for “elite models” to work with us at our exclusive, long stay only agency. We are an outcall only agency, operating within Manchester, Cheshire and surrounding areas. We expect our models to drive themselves to each venue and reservations start from 5 hours. So you can expect to be booked for a whole day and longer if required…

Our clients are the type of “gentleman” who live luxurious lifestyles and indulge in the finer things! This means that along with our safety procedures, you can expect lovely clients, within a safe and secure environment. Our service is not provided to anybody and everybody that makes a request.

Rates & Diary Management

Rates are set by management and are the same for each model. Because we request a reservation fee from clients upon booking, the fee you are paid at the start of your appointment, is yours. You are not required to transfer any monies back to us.

Escorts working with Agency GFE will work within a rota, organised by management on a 2 weekly basis. The opportunity to pick and choose you days off etc is not something we can honour, due to the nature of our “niche” business. You will generally be scheduled 3 consecutive days off per week where possible. Obviously, if a booking request has been made, your rest days will be scheduled for as soon as the appointment has ended. Agency GFE acknowledge the importance of time out for personal days etc etc and we need our superstar models to be fresh and ready for action …not completely knackered! So, rest assured, these factors are always taken into account when we devise the schedule. -You will be informed of your schedule for the forthcoming 2 week, every Sunday.

Money …Money …Money

In working with Agency GFE, there is obviously huge potential to earn a fantastic wage. If you are 100% committed, you could go a long way -building a regular client base means that you can secure “regular” income too. This, is one of the reasons why we insist you work exclusively for us and not with any other agencies or independently. You would simply not be able to give the commitment we need from you, by sharing yourself and your services around! Have a glance over Agency GFE current rates and consider the 10% reservation fee that is taken from the total payment… What’s left is yours.

Photo’s For Profile

You are required to invest in your own “professional” images, if you are successful in joining Agency GFE. If you are unsure which photographer company to use, please ask us for recommendations. As privacy is paramount to both our girls (and clients) you are more than welcome to have your face “blurred” on your images if this makes you feel more comfortable. Not everybody chooses to do this as they prefer their face to be seen by potential clients. It is a matter of personal preference! Professional images need not be used for your application. However, please make sure you include pictures in smart / casual outfits, dinner attire, swimwear / lingerie, full standing and clear face shots.

Interview Process & Beyond

…Of course it is essential that all of our models go through the casting process, and this includes a “face to face” interview. If we would like to interview you once we have gone over your application, we will email you and send a text message, inviting you to contact us. (Please remember first impressions count…!) Once you do so, we can arrange a suitable day and time for the meeting. Generally appointments are made during the day and not on weekends.

Once you interview day and time has been arranged, you will then receive a text message to your phone on that day. It is imperative that you respond straight away or your interview will be cancelled and we will not consider future applications from you. If for any reason you need to re-schedule your interview, this will also lead to a cancellation. Reliability and commitment (as you learned earlier!) is key to our business and in requesting a different interview time / date, suggests that you have neither -harsh but true.

Presuming you have confirmed your interview, prepare your self and consider your clothing / hair make-up etc. You should present yourself as if you were meeting a client. Please don’t be nervous, concentrate on making a lasting impression! Make sure you are focused selling yourself, as you will be given the opportunity to talk about you / your experience and what you are looking for from an agency. Of course you should feel free to ask questions and we will run through our requirements with you (which you will have read above in detail and the basics here)

If you are successful in your interview, you will be contacted within 24 hours and we will request the paperwork (ID and proof you are legally entitled to work in the UK). You should then make plans to invest in your “professional” portfolio, if you have not already got one. Those that are NOT successful will also be contacted with feedback. You can apply our comments to future applications and take a positive from your experience in applying to Agency GFE.

Having read our casting article, if you would like to check through requirements to join, please click here

You can find further support surrounding casting, here

Apply now by clicking here

We look forward to hearing from you in the future…

Agency GFE.



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